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See Our Latest Offers And Lease A Bentley At Bentley Paramus

If you're interested in leasing a brand-new Bentley coupe, convertible, sedan, or SUV, you'll want to have Bentley Paramus as your first stop. Not only does our new inventory contain the latest Bentley models, in every trim level, package, and color choice, but we also have many new vehicle leasing offers that will provide you with a less expensive over-all price.

Discover The Benefits Of Leasing A New Bentley In New Jersey

Leasing is an auto financing option that many of our New York and New Jersey drivers consider for their new Bentley purchase. Leasing not only allows you to have the latest models available, but it also comes with the following added benefits:

  • The Latest And Greatest - Because it's a lease that does expire every three years or so, you'll always be driving one of the latest Bentley models on the market. You can also adjust your lease as you need, to make your timeline fit with your preferences.
  • Lower Monthly Payments- Lease payments tend to be less expensive than loan payments. Leases also typically come with a low/no down payment option, and you'll most likely spend less in taxes, registration fees, and insurance.
  • Lower Repair Costs - Because you'll only be driving the car for the same amount of time as the new car warranty, you shouldn't have any large repair bills to worry about. You will have to keep up with the vehicle maintenance, which is the same as with any other vehicle or financing option.
  • Easy To Trade - When you finance a new vehicle, you not only lose a lot of money in depreciation, but you'll also have to deal with the hassle of selling it when you're ready to trade for a new model. When you lease, trading up for the latest version is simple.

Which New Bentley Models Can Our Morris County Drivers Lease?

Wherever you're located, you'll want to make the short drive to our Bentley Paramus dealership to see our gorgeous Bentley cars in person. Each of these elegant and powerful new Bentley models are available to be leased as well as financed and come with a long list of reasons why you'll want one in your possession.

  • Lease A New Bentley Continental GT - An elegant new coupe or convertible, the Bentley Continental GT comes with plenty of power, the sophistication you desire, and the wow-factor that you've been searching for.
  • Lease A New Bentley Bentayga - Don't let the Bentley luxury throw you off. While this brilliant and lavish SUV may have the first-class features Bentley drivers expect, it also packs quite the punch with its off-roading capabilities, technological modernization, and interior comforts.
  • Lease A New Bentley Mulsanne - As the flagship model, the Bentley Mulsanne is considered iconic in the car industry. It combines the old school style with modernized luxury and adds the high-performance of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our New Bentley Lease Offers

Do you have questions about leasing a Bentley car or SUV? If so, you're not alone!  Here are a few answers to some of our most frequently asked Bentley lease questions.

How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Bentley?

Each Bentley model contains its own specific leasing price, and these vary based on the trim level, package option, and powertrain that you'd prefer. To find the current price for the Bentley vehicle you love, we suggest searching through our new Bentley lease offers.

Can I Negotiate a New Bentley Lease?

Yes! Every price in our inventory is negotiable! Feel free to talk with our team to discuss your negotiations and price point. We can also discuss any trade-ins that you may have and any additional down payments.

Can I Transfer a New Bentley Lease?

While you can't transfer a lease to a new driver, you can opt to end your lease early and move onto a different leasing option or vehicle. There are some dealership opportunities that allow you to take over a current lease instead of starting out with a brand-new lease if you'd prefer. To learn more, contact our finance team.

Is it Worth Buying Out a New Bentley Lease?

Do you love the Bentley car or SUV that you're driving? Have you fallen in love with its quick powertrain and luxury level? Then it's most definitely worth it to buy out your Bentley lease. At the end of your leasing term, you can choose to purchase your Bentley vehicle for the agreed-upon price set during the initial leasing agreements.

Visit Bentley Paramus To Learn More About Your Bentley Leasing Options

Interested in seeing how you could lease a new Bentley near Middlesex County or Bergen County? Our team of auto financing experts are here to help. Feel free to visit our Bentley Paramus showroom for a test drive in any of our new Bentley vehicles, and don't hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns.